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INTEGRAL view of the sky field containing Fermi J2102+4542

ATel #2498; L. Bassani, A. Malizia (IASF/INAF Bologna), A. Bazzano, P. Ubertini (IASF/INAF Roma), A. J. Bird (Southampton Univ. Southampton)
on 22 Mar 2010; 11:26 UT
Credential Certification: Raffaella Landi (landi@iasfbo.inaf.it)

Subjects: Gamma Ray

Referred to by ATel #: 2506, 2511, 2905

With reference to the new transient source, Fermi J2102+4542, detected by the LAT instrument (Cheung et al. 2010, Atel #2487) we show in the attached figure the INTEGRAL view of the region surrounding the source (Bird et al. 2010, ApJS 186, 1). We note that:

1) INTEGRAL detects a weak persistent source, IGR J21012+4538, which has a 99% positional uncertainty (cyan) compatible with the Fermi 99% error circle (green).

2) Just outside the Fermi likely location region (12.76 arcmin from the GeV best postion), there is a strong and variable high energy emitter, SAX J2103.5+4545 (small red circle) classified as a high mass X-ray binary.

3) The proposed counterpart, V407 Cyg, is not visible in our total 20-40 keV map with an upper limit to the flux of 1.5 x 10-12 erg cm-2 s-1.

4) An archival search indicates that there are 3 X-ray sources, detected by XMM-Newton, inside the Fermi 99% positional uncertainty : the serendipitous survey (Watson et al. 1999, A&A, 493, 339) sources 2XMM J210227.3+453910 and 2XMM J210309.1+454006 with a 0.2-12 keV fluxes of 6 x 10-13 erg cm-2 s-1 and 1.6 x 10-14 erg cm-2 s-1 respectively and the hard Slew survey (Saxton et al. 2008, A&A, 480, 611) source XMMSL1 J210210.6+453908 with a 2-12 keV flux of 7.5 x 10-12 erg cm-2 s-1.

INTEGRAL 20-40 keV map of the sky field containing Fermi J2102+4542