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M31N 2010-01d: a new optical nova candidate close to the M 31 center detected in the ultraviolet (UV) and UV magnitudes of M31N 2010-01a and M31N 2010-01b

ATel #2435; W. Pietsch, M. Henze (MPE) and the XMM-Newton/Chandra M 31 nova monitoring collaboration
on 12 Feb 2010; 15:02 UT
Credential Certification: Wolfgang Pietsch (wnp@mpe.mpg.de)

Subjects: Ultra-Violet, Nova

Referred to by ATel #: 2713

On behalf of the XMM-Newton/Chandra M 31 nova monitoring collaboration (see http://www.mpe.mpg.de/~m31novae/xray/ao8/index.php ) we report the discovery of a new nova candidate close to the center of M 31 in UVW1 (240-360 nm) filter images of 2360 s exposure with the optical monitor. The new nova candidate, M31N 2010-01d, was first detected in observations starting on 2010 January 15.52 UT with an instrumental magnitude of 15.75. The position of the new nova candidate is RA = 00h42m42.81s, Dec =+41d16'14.7" (J2000, accuracy of 0.3"), which is 30" west and 5" north of the core of M 31. The nova candidate was also detected in the two following XMM-Newton observations of our monitoring campaign. In the same observations we also detect the nova M31N 2010-01a, while the nova candidate M31N 2010-01b is only detected in the last two observations (see table). In the observations starting on 2010 January 7.31 UT (ObsID 0600660301) and in earlier observations none of the novae is detected (upper limit of 18 and 19 mag in the center and outer field, respectively).

M31N 2010-01d and M31N 2010-01a are also detected in observations with the Ultraviolet/Optical Telescope (UVOT) on board the Swift satellite starting on 2010 January 27.05 UT in the uvw1 (181-321nm, 1486 s exposure time), uvm2 (166-268nm, 525 s), and uvw2 (112-264 nm, 1550 s) performed to monitor X-ray emission from nova M31N 2009-10b. M31N 2010-01b is not in the field of view (see table).

Observation  Date (UT)  Filter  M31N 2010-01d  M31N 2010-01b  M31N 2010-01a  
ObsID          2010-  

0600660401 01-15.52 UVW1 15.75+-0.01 16.93+-0.01
0600660501 01-25.10 UVW1 15.80+-0.01 17.68+-0.05 17.72+-0.11
0600660601 02-02.10 UVW1 15.49+-0.01 17.67+-0.05 18.55+-0.25

00031518014 01-27.05 uvw1 16.60+-0.05 18.45+-0.12 uvm2 17.44+-0.13 18.40+-0.16 uvw2 17.56+-0.08 18.72+-0.01

The XMM-Newton UVW1 instrumental (Vega) magnitudes are given, for SWIFT, all magnitudes are on the UVOT photometric system (Poole et al. 2008, MNRAS, 383, 627). Magnitudes have not been corrected for extinction.