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An optical flare of GB6 1310+4844 observed with the Kanata telescope

ATel #2320; R. Itoh, M. Yamanaka, M. Sasada, Y. Ikejiri, M. Uemura, K. S. Kawabata, H. Takahashi, Y. Fukazawa, T. Ohsugi (Hiroshima University), Y. Kuwada (Osaka University), Y. T. Tanaka (ISAS/JAXA) on behalf of the Kanata team
on 2 Dec 2009; 13:03 UT
Credential Certification: Hiromitsu Takahashi (hirotaka@hep01.hepl.hiroshima-u.ac.jp)

Subjects: Optical, AGN, Quasar

Following the Fermi/LAT detection of the gamma-ray flare from GB6 B1310+4844 (ATEL #2316), we performed optical photometric observation with the Kanata 1.5-m telescope at Higashi-Hiroshima Observatory.

Our preliminary analysis shows that I and R-band magnitudes of GB6 B1310+4844 were R=20.1+/-0.3 and I=18.8+/-0.2 on 2009 Nov. 28.8(UT). We adopted a nearby star at RA=13:12:54.1 and DEC=+48:27:58.2 (R=16.019,I=15.657 in UCAC3) as the photometric reference. In the SDSS catalog, the magnitudes of GB6 B1310+4844 are recorded as r=21.347 and i=20.939, corresponding to R=21.08 and I=20.48 (Lupton 2005;http://www.sdss.org/dr6/algorithms/sdssUBVRITransform.html). Thus, the object also brightened at optical wavelengths as far as compared with the SDSS catalog.

We will continue the optical monitoring of this source.