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Discovery of supernovae in the PS1 sky survey

ATel #2249; D. Young, S. Valenti (Queen's University Belfast), A. Rest, G. Narayan (Harvard/CfA), M. Huber, S. Gezari (JHU), S. Rodney (IfA, Univ. of Hawaii), C. Trundle, K. Smith, S. Smartt (QUB), P. Price (IfA), C. Stubbs (Harvard) J. Tonry (IfA), A. Riess (JHU), W. M. Wood-Vasey (Univ. of Pittsburgh), M. T. Botticella, A. Pastorello, R. Kotak, M. Fraser, D. Hunter, K. Maguire (QUB), R. Foley (CfA)
on 20 Oct 2009; 15:55 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice Supernovae
Credential Certification: Stephen Smartt (s.smartt@qub.ac.uk)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae

Referred to by ATel #: 2397

On behalf of the PS1 Science Consortium, we report the discovery of 9 supernovae in the Pan-STARRS Telescope #1 (PS1) sky survey. Images from PS1 Medium-Deep-Fields 7 and 8 were processed and differenced by the PS1 Image Processing Pipeline and detections were filtered with prototype modules of the Transient Science Server at CfA and QUB.

SN 2009UT RA DEC Mag(r) Host z Offset
PS1-0905001May 12.54 16:12:08.54 +55:07:41.3 21.2 SDSSJ161208.67+550742.2 0.44p 1.35"S 1.44"E
PS1-0906001Jun 10.95 16:12:54.00 +55:38:13.8 21.8 SDSSJ161254.18+553814.4 0.182 0.99" S 1.10" W
PS1-0906002Jun 16.90 14:13:25.21 +52:51:31.0 21.0 SDSSJ141325.31+525131.7 0.60p 1.00" S 1.60" W
PS1-0906003Jun 10.96 16:13:20.25 +53:58:42.2 21.7 SDSSJ161320.35+535842.2 0.49p 0.61" N 1.60" W
PS1-0906004Jun 10.95 16:17:56.05 +54:58:01.3 21.9 SDSSJ161755.88+545801.6 0.34p 0.84" S 1.78" E
PS1-0906005Jun 10.85 12:23:20.35 +46:18:14.4 21.9 SDSSJ122320.29+461815.1 0.31p Coincident with faint host
PS1-0906006Jun 10.85 12:25:08.49 +46:59:44.2 22.0 SDSSJ122508.46+465943.6 0.28p Coincident with faint host
PS1-0906007Jun 10.95 16:07:24.69 +54:00:17.9 21.3 ELAIS09(R) J160724.7+5400 ... Coincident with faint host
PS1-0906008Jun 14.46 16:14:08.64 +55:41:41.9 21.0 SDSSJ161408.64+554141.6 0.107 0.23"S 0.06"E

p = SDSS photometric redshift of host galaxy

Spectra were taken of PS1-0906001, PS1-0906008 and PS1-0905001 on the GMOS spectrograph with the Gemini-North-8m telescope on Aug 19.34, July 31.28 and July 30.31 by S. Rodney, C. Trundle, S. Valenti, A. Pastorello, PS1-0906001 is a type II-P SN at z=0.18, showing expansion velocity from the P-Cygni H-alpha absorption of ~9,300 km/s. PS1 lightcurve data supplemented with images from the William Herschel Telescope and the Liverpool Telescope indicate a peak magnitude of M_r ~ -18.3 (assuming no reddening) suggesting it is likely to be one of the most luminous SNe II-P known. PS1-0906001 was detected in the NUV by GALEX Time Domain Survey (TDS) observations 10 to 20 days after the SN discovery, with a peak brightness of NUV = 22.34 +/- 0.17. The host galaxy is detected in pre-SN GALEX TDS observations with NUV = 21.58 +/- 0.15. The GALEX FUV detector was temporarily not operational during the observations. Further observations and analysis are ongoing. The host galaxy of PS1-0906008 was detected with narrow emission lines confirming a redshift at z=0.107. The host galaxy signal was detected for PS1-0905001, but no redshift could be determined. All of the objects are associated (i.e. within 2 arcsec) with a host galaxy detected in SDSS DR7 images, apart from PS1-0906007 which initially appeared hostless. The deep PS1 stacked image before detection on Jun 10.95 shows a faint host galaxy, which has been catalogued as a galaxy in the KPNO ELIAS field R-band survey of Fadda et al. (2004, AJ, 128, 1). All redshifts listed above are photometric redshifts apart from PS1-0906001 and PS1-0906008. These discoveries were made with the PS1 System, see