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An optical flare of 4C 14.23 observed with the KANATA telescope

ATel #2246; M. Sasada, Y. Ikejiri, M. Yamanaka, H. Takahashi, M. Uemura, K. S. Kawabata, Y. Fukazawa, T. Ohsugi (Hiroshima University), M. Fukagawa (Osaka University) on behalf of the KANATA team
on 17 Oct 2009; 16:56 UT
Credential Certification: Hiromitsu Takahashi (hirotaka@hep01.hepl.hiroshima-u.ac.jp)

Subjects: Optical, AGN, Quasar

Referred to by ATel #: 2253

Following the Fermi/LAT detection of the gamma-ray flare from 4C 14.23 (ATEL #2243), we performed optical photopolarimetric observations with the "KANATA" 1.5-m telescope at Higashi-Hiroshima Observatory.

Our preliminary analysis shows that the V and J-band magnitudes of 4C 14.23 were V=17.1+/-0.1 and J=14.7+/-0.1 on 15.8 (UT) Oct. 2009, respectively. We adopted a nearby star at RA=07:25:20.93 and DEC=+14:25:03.9 (V=14.420 in NOMAD, J=13.485 in 2MASS) as the photometric reference. 4C 14.23 was observed with V=17.75 in Large Quasar Astrometric Catalogue, and J=16.37 in the 2MASS catalog. Our observation, hence, indicates that the object is currently in a flare in the optical region, as well as the gamma-ray region. The polarimetric observation of 4C 14.23 showed a high polarization of 13+/-2 % in the V-band on 15.8 Oct.

We will continue the optical monitoring of this source.