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Optical identification of INTEGRAL sources IGRJ17476-2253 and IGRJ12107+3822 as Seyfert 1 galaxies

ATel #2132; A. Mescheryakov (IKI), R. Burenin (IKI), S. Sazonov (IKI), M. Revnivtsev (IKI, Excellence Cluster Universe, TUM), I. Bikmaev (KSU, AST), M. Pavlinsky (IKI), R. Sunyaev (MPA, IKI)
on 15 Jul 2009; 17:46 UT
Credential Certification: Rodion Burenin (rodion@hea.iki.rssi.ru)

Subjects: Optical, X-ray, Gamma Ray, AGN

We report optical spectroscopic identification of two INTEGRAL sources detected in the INTEGRAL all-sky survey (Krivonos et al. 2007, A&A, 475, 775; current version of the catalog at http://hea.iki.rssi.ru/rsdc/catalog/index.php ). The observations were made with the Russian-Turkish 1.5-m telescope (RTT-150, Bakirlitepe, TUBITAK National Observatory, Turkey) on 4-7 Jul, 2009, using the TUG Faint Object Spectrograph and Camera (TFOSC).

IGRJ17476-2253 --- The only bright X-ray source is detected by Swift/XRT within the INTEGRAL/IBIS error circle. The optical spectrum of one of the faint (m_R=~19.0) objects inside the XRT error circle shows emission lines typical for Seyfert 1 AGN: broad Halpha (blended with [NII]), narrow [OIII] 4959,5007 lines, and others. This source is located at RA,DEC= 17:47:29.71 -22:52:44.3 (J2000, relative to USNO-B1.0). Using narrow emission lines only we measured the redshift of this object as z=0.0463+-0.0003. Note the significant Galactic extinction in the direction of this AGN (E(B-V)=1.04, Schlegel et al., 1998).

IGRJ12107+3822 --- The only bright Swift/XRT X-ray source within the INTEGRAL/IBIS error circle is associated with nearby galaxy KUG 1208+386 (z=0.0228+/-0.00011). The spectrum of this galaxy was obtained in SDSS and the object was classified as QSO. It was also observed with TFOSC/RTT150. The spectrum of the galaxy shows redshifted broad Balmer lines and narrow emission lines [OIII] 4959,5007 and others. Therefore, this object is a Seyfert 1 AGN.