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Confirmation of CRTS Supernovae in Intrinsically Faint Galaxies

ATel #2009; A. J. Drake, A. A. Mahabal, S. G. Djorgovski, M. J. Graham, R. Williams (Caltech); M. Catelan (PUC, Chile); A. D. Myers (UIUC); E. C. Beshore, S. M. Larson, A. Gibbs, R. Kowalski, A. Boattini, R. Hill (LPL/UA); E. Christensen (Gemini Observatory);
on 10 Apr 2009; 06:20 UT
Credential Certification: Andrew J. Drake (ajd@cacr.caltech.edu)

Subjects: Optical, Supernovae, Transient

The Catalina Real-time Transient Survey (CRTS) has spectroscopically characterized SNe in faint host galaxies using the 5.1-m Palomar Hale telescope (+DBSP). Observations were primarily taken on April 1st UT with the following results:

IDRA (deg)Dec (deg) TypezHost M_rDisc. ATel
CSS090401:113024+021435172.5985 2.24310 Ia 0.08 > -15.1 New
CSS090324:135835+311252209.6448 31.2145 Ia 0.12 -16.1 New
CSS090321:113658+450051174.2411 45.0141 Ia/Ic 0.13 -17.6 New
CSS090303:135819+201051209.5807 20.1809 IIp 0.06 -15.7 ATEL#1980
CSS090303:113345+143448173.4372 14.5800 Ia 0.09 > -15.5 ATEL#1980
CSS090301:160553+172446241.4694 17.4127 Ia 0.12 -15.2 ATEL#1980
CSS090216:100910+075434152.2921 7.9096 Ia 0.07 -15.8 ATEL#1937
CSS090102:130037+175057195.1562 17.8492 Ic? 0.14 > -16.4 ATEL#1911
CSS081201:103354-032125158.4742 -3.3571 IIn/AGN 0.06 -14.6 New
CSS081001:003705-060939 9.2699 -6.1609 Ia 0.09 -15.9 ATEL#1778
CSS080921:230620+094038346.5835 9.6771 Ia 0.11 -16.8 ATEL#1778

Additional recently classified CRTS SNe:

IDRA (deg)Dec (deg)TypezHost M_rDisc. ATel
CSS090319:142155+260102215.4776 26.0172 Ia 0.08 -18.0 ATEL#1980
CSS090319:125916+271641194.8160 27.2781 Ia 0.19 -17.8 ATEL#1980 (2009cb)
CSS090318:094055+011608145.2310 1.2689 IIp 0.02 -13.8 ATEL#1980 (2009cy)
CSS090317:140750+363837211.9573 36.6436 Ia ATEL#1980 (2009bp)
CSS090219:095526-012821148.8571 -1.4726 IIb 0.03 -13.7 ATEL#1937 (2009ar)

Host galaxy absolute magnitudes are derived from host apparent magnitudes and SNe redshifts.  
CSS090216:100910+075434 is SN 2009bx (Drake et al. 2009a) CBET#1744.  
CSS090319:142155+260102 was confirmed by Moskvitin et al. (2009; private communication).  
2009cb (Drake et al. 2009b) CBET#1752 was confirmed by PTF ATEL#2005.  
2009cy was confirmed by Catelan et al. (2009)  CBET#1755.  
2009bp was confirmed by Silverman et al. (2009) CBET#1747.  
2009ar was confirmed by Mahabal et al. (2009) CBET#1713.  
Based on the updated CRTS lightcurve, CSS090319:094627-130816 (ATEL#1980) is not a supernova.  
All current candidate and confirmed SNe as well as finding charts can be found here.