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Localization of the hard X-ray transient IGR J17062-6143

ATel #1840; C. Ricci, V. Beckmann, A. Carmona (ISDC/Geneva Univ.), G. Weidenspointner (MPE & MPI HLL)
on 12 Nov 2008; 14:55 UT
Credential Certification: Volker Beckmann (Volker.Beckmann@obs.unige.ch)

Subjects: Ultra-Violet, X-ray, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 1853, 4214, 4219

INTEGRAL has observed the field containing the hard X-ray transient IGR J17062-6143 (Churazov et al. 2007), starting at 2008-11-03T19:56 U.T., with an effective exposure time of 95 ksec. The position of IGR J17062-6143 derived from the IBIS/ISGRI data is RA=256.5462, DEC=-61.6697 with an uncertainty of 4 arcmin. The source was detected with 4.5+-0.8 mCrab in the 20-40 keV band. The hard X-ray spectrum can be modeled by a single power law with photon index 2.8+-0.7, or by a black body with kT = 7+-2 keV. The 18-50 keV model flux is 4e-11 erg/cm**2/sec.

The source has also been detected by Swift as SWIFT J1706.6-6146. Analysing the latest pointed Swift observation taken on 2008-07-13 with an exposure time of 13 ksec the position of the X-ray source as seen by XRT is RA=256.5690, DEC=-61.7119 with an uncertainty of 3.5 arcsec, at a distance of 2.6 arcmin to the IBIS/ISGRI location. No other X-ray source is detectable within the field of view. The XRT 0.3-7 keV spectrum can be represented by an absorbed power law model, with NH = 1.7e21 1/cm**2 and photon index 1.86+-0.02. The 2-10 keV model flux is 7.5e-11 erg/cm**2/sec.
Swift/UVOT detects one object within the error circle of the XRT position at RA=256.56771, DEC=-61.71125 (RA=17 06 16.3, DEC=-61 42 40.5) with an uncertainty of 0.3 arcsec at 3 arcsec distance to the XRT position with a brightness of U=18.4 mag and UVW2=18.1 mag.
No source is detectable at this position in the 2MASS and NVSS data.