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Discovery of a supernova candidate ROTSE3 J125642.7+273041

ATel #1615; F. Yuan, D. Chamarro, M. D. Sisson, A. Uecker, C. Akerlof, T. Mckay (U. Mich.), R. Quimby (Caltech) and J. C. Wheeler (U. Texas) on behalf of the ROTSE collaboration
on 16 Jul 2008; 15:46 UT
Credential Certification: Fang Yuan (yuanfang@umich.edu)

Subjects: Optical, Nova, Supernovae, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 1617

We report the discovery of a supernova candidate, located at RA: 12:56:42.68 Dec: 27:30:40.6 (J2000, uncertainty <1 "), in unfiltered CCD images taken by the 0.45m ROTSE-IIIb telescope at McDonald Observatory, Texas. This transient was discovered at ~16.7 mag on Jul. 12.18 UT, and observed to brighten to ~16.0 mag on Jul. 16.17 UT. It is not detected to a limiting magnitude of ~18.9 on Jun. 28.20 UT when the field was last imaged by ROTSE before the discovery. Magnitudes quoted above are unfiltered calibrated to USNO-B1.0 R.

This object doesn't have an apparent host in the SDSS images, but it is in the field of Coma cluster and about 41.1 arcmin west and 28.2 arcmin south from the center of the cluster. Spectroscopic observation is needed to confirm the nature of the transient. A ROTSE-III finding chart can be found at: http://www.rotse.net/rsvp/j125642.7+273041/j125642.7+273041.jpg