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VLA Observations of the AGILE Cygnus Region Source Field Following its May 2008 Re-brightening in Gamma-rays, II: An Update

ATel #1589; C. C. Cheung (NASA GSFC)
on 24 Jun 2008; 21:14 UT
Credential Certification: Teddy Cheung (ccheung@milkyway.gsfc.nasa.gov)

Subjects: Radio, Gamma Ray, >GeV, A Comment, Transient

The AGILE team (Chen et al. ATel #1585) has detected a new flare (occurring on June 20/21, 2008) from AGL2021+4029, the variable gamma-ray source in the Cygnus region. The error circles of this new June flare and that of the newly reported position of the persistent source, both unfortunately, lie outside of the r~0.5 deg field we targeted with the VLA (ATel #1584) following the May 2008 rebrightening (Giuliani et al. ATel #1547).

In addition, the flux from the source during the reported rebrightening in May 2008 is actually consistent with the mean flux (ATel #1585). Thus, the gamma-ray source was not in a particularly active state when we triggered our VLA 1.4 GHz rapid response observations. New radio observations of the field near the newly derived position of the persistent source are encouraged.

The updated view of the field can be seen in the link below. The VLA rapid response images reported in ATel #1584 are also posted as downloadable FITS files.

VLA images