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Swift/BAT teams announces website with catalog of AGN from the first 9

ATel #1429; W. Baumgartner (NASA GSFC/UMBC), J. Tueller (NASA GSFC), R. Mushotzky (NASA GSFC), S. Barthelmy (NASA GSFC), J. Cannizzo (NASA GSFC/UMBC), N. Gehrels (NASA GSFC), C. Markwardt (NASA GSFC/UMCP), G. Skinner (NASA GSFC/UMCP), L. Winter (NASA GSFC/UMCP)
on 17 Mar 2008; 18:22 UT
Credential Certification: Wayne Baumgartner (wayne@milkyway.gsfc.nasa.gov)

Subjects: X-ray, Gamma Ray, AGN, Black Hole, Quasar

The Swift/BAT team announces a new website featuring 153 AGN found in the first 9 months of the BAT all sky survey. Several of the detections in the 9-month survey are the first high energy detections of these galaxies, including objects not known to be AGN before detection in this survey. The website can be found at http://swift.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/swift/results/bs9mon/. The website presents the data from the BAT instrument for the catalog sources including the hard X-ray flux in 4 bands and the 9-month lightcurves. The BAT survey is fairly uniform across the entire sky; the 4.8 sigma threshold in the 9-month survey covers 80% of the sky at a flux threshold of 3.5x10-11 ergs/cm2/s in the 14-195 keV band and covers one third of the sky near the ecliptic poles to 2.5x10-11 ergs/cm2/s. A full description of the survey and the 9-month AGN catalog can be found in Tueller et al. (arXiv:0711.4130). The full BAT data set is archived at the HEASARC and available to the public.