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RXTE ASM Observations of H1743-322 = IGR J17464-3213

ATel #138; Ron Remillard (MIT) for the ASM team at MIT and NASA/GSFC
on 2 Apr 2003; 22:48 UT
Credential Certification: Ron Remillard (rr@space.mit.edu)

Subjects: X-ray, Black Hole, Transient

Observations of this X-ray transient with the RXTE All-Sky Monitor determines a position (to 0.1 degrees) that is consistent with the INTEGRAL source (ATEL #132), the XTE PCA source (ATEL #133), and the radio source (ATEL #137). Furthermore, all of these positions are consistent with the eastern choice of the two allowed error boxes derived by HEAO-1 instruments for H1743-322 during its 1977 outburst (Gursky et al. 1978, ApJ, 223, 973), as explained in ATEL #136. The average ASM flux (2-12 keV) during 2003 April 2 is 170 (7) mCrab, compared to 140 (5) mCrab on the previous day. The X-ray spectrum remains harder than the Crab Nebula but softer than classical X-ray pulsars.