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Clarification on the association between IGR J17464-3213 and H1743-322

ATel #136; C. B. Markwardt (U. Maryland & GSFC) and J. H. Swank (GSFC)
on 2 Apr 2003; 03:01 UT
Credential Certification: Craig B. Markwardt (craigm@lheamail.gsfc.nasa.gov)

Subjects: X-ray, A Comment, Binary, Black Hole, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 137, 138, 142, 180, 1739

In ATEL #133, we commented that newly reported INTEGRAL transient IGR J17464-3213 (ATEL #132) may be HEAO source H1743-322 (also known as H1741-322).

The most commonly known position for H1743-322 is taken from the HEAO A-1 catalog (Wood et al. 1984, ApJS, 56, 507). However, there are in fact two candidate positions for the source, as determined by the HEAO A-3 instrument (Gursky et al. 1978, ApJ, 223, 973), both equally likely. The Wood et al. A-1 catalog reports the western position.

The eastern Gursky position is R.A. = 17h46m16.80s, Decl. = -32o14'7" (equinox 2000.0; approx uncertainty < 1'). It is this position which is consistent with the reported INTEGRAL position.