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XMM-Newton followup of IGR J16318-4848

ATel #119; J. de Plaa, P. R. den Hartog, J. S. Kaastra, J. J. M. in 't Zand, M. Mendez and W. Hermsen (SRON National Institute for Space Research, Utrecht, The Netherlands)
on 21 Feb 2003; 06:04 UT
Credential Certification: J. de Plaa (j.de.plaa@sron.nl)

Subjects: X-ray, Transient

We report a spectral analysis of the Febr. 10 TOO XMM-Newton observation of the new bright X-ray source IGR J16318-4848 (IAUC # 8063 ). During the 27 ks observation the source shows large variations in countrate by roughly a factor of 3 in both EPIC MOS2 and PN detectors. The MOS2 and PN spectra can simultaniously be reasonably well fitted by a powerlaw with photon index 0.9 +/- 0.4 and 3 lines with energies 6.410 +/- 0.003 keV, 7.09 +/- 0.02 keV and 7.47 +/- 0.02 keV. The neutral hydrogen absorption column density is extremely large with a value of (1.66 +/- 0.16) * 10^24 cm-2 (all errors are 90% confidence). The energies of the first two lines are consistent with K-alpha and K-beta emission from partially ionized Iron. The third line is consistent with K-alpha emission from partially ionized Nickel. The observed unabsorbed flux of the source is 1.9 * 10^-10 erg cm-2 s-1 over the 2 - 10 keV energy range.