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72 Selected of 14037 Telegrams
14037ASAS-SN Discovery of ASASSN-20mg, a Likely Bright Microlensing Event in the Galactic DiskD. Desai, K. Z. Stanek, T. Jayasinghe, Z. Way, C. S. Kochanek, T. A. Thompson, B. J. Shappee, T. W.-S....
22 Sep 2020; 20:10 UT
14036X-ray flaring of the nuclear transient AT2019avd/eRASStJ082337+042303/ZTF19aaiqmgl: Swift and NICER observationsDheeraj Pasham, Keith Gendreau, Zaven Arzoumanian, Michael Loewenstein, Elizabeth Ferrara, and Diego...
21 Sep 2020; 22:56 UT
14035Near-IR spectrum of FUOr candidate NWISE-F J213723.5+665145Michael Connelley, Bo Reipurth
21 Sep 2020; 22:11 UT
14034The IR spectral evolution of Nova Sagittarius 2002 #2 and Nova Cassiopeia 2020C. E. Woodward, D. P.K. Banerjee,, A. Evans
21 Sep 2020; 12:45 UT
14033The IR coronal line emission phase in onset in V2891 CygniC. E. Woodward, D. P.K. Banerjee,, A. Evans
21 Sep 2020; 12:24 UT
14032 Detection of a bright very-high-energy gamma-ray flare from BL Lac with the MAGIC telescopesOscar Blanch, on behalf of the MAGIC collaboration
20 Sep 2020; 18:46 UT
14031Spectroscopic classification of the Ia SN 2020sin with MMT and BinospecG. Terreran, L. DeMarchi, A. A. Miller
20 Sep 2020; 00:11 UT
14030Asiago spectroscopic classification of two transientsL. Tomasella, S. Benetti, E. Cappellaro, N. Elias-Rosa, A. Pastorello
18 Sep 2020; 13:48 UT
14029MeerKAT and ATCA detection of MAXI J1348-630 Francesco Carotenuto, Stephane Corbel, Evangelia Tremou, Rob Fender, Patrick Woudt, James Miller-Jones,...
18 Sep 2020; 13:09 UT
14028Nova V1708 SCORPII = TCP J17234205-3103072Dipankar P. K. Banerjee, Pyysical Research Laboratory, India,
18 Sep 2020; 06:03 UT
14027Spectroscopic classification of 3 transients with Keck and DEIMOS.G. Terreran, P. K. Blanchard, M. Berton, K. Paterson, C. D. Kilpatrick, D. L. Coppejans
18 Sep 2020; 01:01 UT
14026Morphological structures in the inner coma of comet C/2017 K2 (PanStarrs)Federico Manzini, Paolo Ochner, Virginio Oldani, Luigi R. Bedin
17 Sep 2020; 22:47 UT
14025IceCube-200916A: No neutrino counterpart candidates in ANTARES searchAlexis Coleiro and Damien Dornic on behalf of the ANTARES Collaboration
17 Sep 2020; 20:53 UT
14024Spectroscopic Classifications of Optical Transients with Keck I + LRISG. Dimitriadis, M. R. Siebert, K. Taggart, S. Tinyanont, R. J. Foley
17 Sep 2020; 18:24 UT
14023Discovery of 10 ASAS-SN Supernova Candidates, Including 4 in the TESS Field of ViewJ. Brimacombe, P. Cacella, N. Castro, A. Clocchiatti, P. Vallely, K. Z. Stanek, C. S. Kochanek, Z. Way,...
17 Sep 2020; 18:05 UT
14022Spectroscopic Classification of AT 2020scq with Faulkes-North and Keck IR. J. Foley, G. Dimitriadis, D. O. Jones, M. R. Siebert, K. Taggart, S. Tinyanont, M. R. Drout, W. V....
17 Sep 2020; 16:28 UT
14021Spectroscopic Classification of AT2020svn with Faulkes-North/FLOYDSM. R. Siebert, R. J. Foley
17 Sep 2020; 10:32 UT
14020A radio transient associated with SN 2019xhb discovered in Epoch 2 of the VLA Sky Survey (VLASS)Gregg Hallinan, Kunal Mooley, Dillon Dong, Vikram Ravi, Casey Law, Steve Myers, Gregory R. Sivakoff,...
16 Sep 2020; 23:57 UT
14019ZTF Bright Transient Survey classifications with Apache Point ObservatoryM. L. Graham, B. Sipocz, E. C. Bellm, Z. Golkhou, K. J. Bell,, C. Fremling, A. Dahiwale, Y. Sharma, S....
16 Sep 2020; 18:03 UT
14018ASASSN-20ls: Discovery of A Probable Low-Redshift Supernova in TESSJ. Brimacombe, P. Vallely, K. Z. Stanek, C. S. Kochanek, Z. Way, D. Desai, S. Bose, T. A. Thompson, B....
16 Sep 2020; 17:34 UT
14017Progenitor of TCP J17234205-3103072 is a pulsating red giantPrzemek Mroz, Andrzej Udalski, on behalf of the OGLE team
16 Sep 2020; 10:50 UT
14016Mini-outburst from the black hole candidate MAXI J1348-630 detected at optical frequencies by XB-NEWSAuthors: M. C. Baglio, D. M. Russell, P. Saikia, D. M. Bramich, F. Lewis
16 Sep 2020; 10:09 UT
14015SALT spectroscopy of the Galactic transient TCP J17234205-3103072E. Aydi, D. A. H. Buckley, J. Mikolajewska, M. Orio, L. Chomiuk, A. Kawash, K. V. Sokolovsky and J. Strader...
15 Sep 2020; 22:14 UT
14014Palomar Gattini-IR archival discovery of the bright NIR transient PGIR20ekz/AT2019aafo: Spectroscopic confirmation of a highly reddened Galactic nova missed in 2019K. De, M. Hankins, I. Andreoni, S. Anand, M. M. Kasliwal, J. Sokoloski, M. Ashley, A. Babul, V. Karambelkar,...
15 Sep 2020; 19:15 UT
14013Fermi-LAT detection of renewed gamma-ray activity from PKS 1824-582Anke Yusafzai, Roberto Angioni, Stefano Ciprini, Sara Buson, on behalf of the Fermi Large Area Telescope...
15 Sep 2020; 18:45 UT
14012Enhanced 24 GHz flux density from 3C 380N. Marchili, S. Righini, M. Giroletti, E. Egron, D. Perrodin, P. Grandi, E. Torresi
15 Sep 2020; 15:20 UT
14011VLA detection of the Type II Supernova SN2020qmpItai Sfaradi, Assaf Horesh, Mansi Kasliwal, Srinivasaragavan Gokul P., Kishalay De, Jacob Jencson
15 Sep 2020; 06:44 UT
14010Fermi-LAT Gamma-ray Observations of IceCube-200911A and detection of a new gamma-ray source, Fermi J0330.1+3743S. Garrappa and S. Buson on behalf of the Fermi-LAT collaboration
14 Sep 2020; 14:51 UT
14009Swift/XRT follow-up observation of XTE J1810-189E. Bozzo, J. Wilms, E. Kuulkers, L. Sidoli, C. Sanchez-Fernandez, A. Paizis, J. Chenevez, C. Ferrigno,...
14 Sep 2020; 14:46 UT
14008Search for counterpart to IceCube-200911A with ANTARESAlexis Coleiro and Damien Dornic on behalf of the ANTARES Collaboration
12 Sep 2020; 16:58 UT
14007ASAS-SN Discovery of a Luminous Star undergoing a Deep Dimming Event Z. Way, D. Desai, K. Z. Stanek, T. Jayasinghe, C. S. Kochanek, T. A. Thompson, B. J. Shappee, T. W.-S....
11 Sep 2020; 21:16 UT
14006Near-infrared spectroscopy of Nova Cas 2020; the persistence of Carbon Monoxide emissionD. P.K. Banerjee, Melissa Shahbandeh, A. Evans, Eric Hsiao
11 Sep 2020; 14:07 UT
14005VLBA detection of Swift J1818.0-1607Hao Ding, Adam T. Deller, Marcus E. Lower, Ryan M. Shannon
11 Sep 2020; 12:13 UT
14004Spectroscopic observations of Nova Cassiopeiae 2020 = TCP J00114297+6611190 = V1391 CasK. V. Sokolovsky, E. Aydi, L. Izzo, E. J. Harvey, K. E. Atapin, A. A. Belinski, A. V. Dodin, K. A. Postnov,...
11 Sep 2020; 00:52 UT
14003HET optical spectrum of AT 2019weyJ. Vinko, B. P. Thomas, J. C. Wheeler
9 Sep 2020; 22:33 UT
14002Spectroscopic observation of SN 2020scc by NUTS2 (NOT Un-biased Transient Survey 2)S. Moran, M. Fraser, E. Kankare, R. Kotak, A. Pastorello, on behalf of the NUTS2 collaboration
9 Sep 2020; 11:09 UT
14001IRAM 30m telescope detection of the magnetar Swift J1818.0-1607 between 86 and 154 GHzPablo Torne, Kuo Liu, Ismael Cognard, Gregory Desvignes, Ramesh Karuppusamy, Michael Kramer, Gabriel...
8 Sep 2020; 22:09 UT
14000Optical polarization of AT2019weyF. Bouzelou, S. Kiehlmann, L. Markopoulioti
8 Sep 2020; 19:05 UT
13999ATEL Fermi-LAT Detection of enhanced gamma-ray activity from the SSRQ/CSS 3C 380I. Mereu, R. Angioni, E. Torresi, on behalf of the Fermi Large Area Telescope Collaboration
8 Sep 2020; 18:53 UT
13998Spectroscopy of Nova Cas 2020 (TCP J00114297+6611190)G. M. Hamed, H. H. Esenoglu, A. I. Galeev
8 Sep 2020; 12:37 UT
13997Polarimetric detection of the magnetar Swift J1818.0-1607 from 4 to 22 GHz with the Effelsberg 100-m TelescopeKuo Liu, Ramesh Karuppusamy, Ismael Cognard, Gregory Desvignes, Michael Kramer, Andrew Lyne, Kaustubh...
8 Sep 2020; 12:26 UT
13996Upper limits on the pulsed fraction of the ULX pulsar NGC 7793 P13 during its recent recoveryFelix Fuerst, Dominic Walton, Matteo Bachetti
8 Sep 2020; 12:00 UT
13995GMRT radio constraints on the mass-loss rate of the type Ia SN 2020rcqPoonam Chandra, Peter Lundqvist, Miguel Perez-Torres
8 Sep 2020; 10:41 UT
13994MAXI/GSC detection of successive mini-outbursts from the black hole candidate MAXI J1348-630H. Negoro, M. Nakajima, M. Aoki, K. Kobayashi, R. Takagi, K, Asakura, K, Seino, T. Mihara, C. Guo, Y....
8 Sep 2020; 07:28 UT
13993Recent increased Activity of Mrk 421 measured by HAWC Jose Andres Garcia-Gonzalez, Israel Martinez on behalf of the HAWC Collaboration
8 Sep 2020; 00:19 UT
139922-m ShAO telescope spectroscopic classification of Gaia microlensing event candidates Gezer I., Ismailov N. Z., Mikailov Kh. M., Khalilov O. V., Alekberov I. A., Bagirli S., Alishov S. A.,...
7 Sep 2020; 10:43 UT
13991Swift/XRT observation of Terzan 1E. Bozzo, J. Wilms, E. Kuulkers, L. Sidoli, C. Sanchez-Fernandez, A. Paizis, J. Chenevez, C. Ferrigno,...
4 Sep 2020; 19:42 UT
13990Optical photometry of the X-ray/optical transient SRGe J195057.5+672122I. Zaznobin, M. Eselevich, R. Burenin, S. Sazonov, M. Gilfanov, R. Sunyaev
4 Sep 2020; 16:59 UT
13989Liverpool Telescope photometry of SRGe J195057.5+672122Daniel Perley
4 Sep 2020; 01:59 UT
13988DSN Radio and NICER X-ray Observations of PSR J1846-0258 Following Its Recent OutburstWalid A. Majid, Aaron B. Pearlman, Thomas A. Prince, Teruaki Enoto, Zaven Arzoumanian, Keith Gendreau,...
3 Sep 2020; 21:03 UT
13987X-ray and optical transient SRGe J195057.5+672122: a possible nearby GRB afterglow/hypernovaS. Sazonov, R. Burenin, G. Khorunzhev, A. Lyapin, P. Medvedev, G. Uskov, I. Zaznobin, V. Afanasiev, S....
3 Sep 2020; 12:37 UT
13986VLA X-band Detection of ZTF20abtxwfx (AT2020sev)Anna Y. Q. Ho, Daniel Perley, and Igor Andreoni
2 Sep 2020; 05:27 UT
13985A NICER X-ray view on the magnetar-like 2020 outburst of PSR J1846-0258L. Kuiper, A. K. Harding, T. Enoto, W. C.G. Ho, K. Gendreau, Z. Arzoumanian
1 Sep 2020; 09:43 UT
13984JVLA C-band observation on AT2019weyHongmin Cao Sandor Frey Krisztina Gabanyi Marcello Giroletti Lang Cui Jun Yang Xiaoyu Hong Tao...
31 Aug 2020; 16:05 UT
13983INTEGRAL detection of hard X-ray activity from Terzan 1 (likely XB 1732-304) and XTE J1810-189E. Bozzo, J. Wilms, E. Kuulkers, L. Sidoli, C. Sanchez-Fernandez, A. Paizis, J. Chenevez, C. Ferrigno,...
31 Aug 2020; 13:30 UT
13982Second dust cloud on BetelgeuseCostantino Sigismondi, Wolfgang Vollmann, Otmar Nickel, Alexandre Amorim, Rod Stubbings, Fabio Mariuzza,...
30 Aug 2020; 22:30 UT
13981Aql X-1: new optical outburst O. I. Spiridonova, V. V. Vlasyuk, A. S.Moskvitin, O. A.Maslennikova, V. Aitov
30 Aug 2020; 12:00 UT
13980Optical outburst detected from the AM CVn binary ASASSN-14mvG. Ramsay, M. Green, P. Woudt, D. Steeghs, P. Groot, C. Duffy, D. K. Galloway, V. Dhillon, P. O'Brien,...
29 Aug 2020; 17:31 UT
13979The magnetar XTE J1810-197 is active at 2256 MHzY. X. Huang, L. F. Hao, J. C. Jiang, K. J. Lee, Z. X. Li, Y. P. Men, M. Wang, B. J. Wang, Y. H. Xu, H....
29 Aug 2020; 07:59 UT
13978Zwicky Transient Facility discovery of ZTF20abtxwfx/AT2020sev, a fast optical transient and candidate afterglowIgor Andreoni, Anna Ho, Michael Coughlin, Mansi Kasliwal, Eric Burns, Dmitry Svinkin, Tomas Ahumada,...
29 Aug 2020; 03:09 UT
13977Evidence of Past Variability of PGIR20emh/AT 2020rjfB. McCollum, S. Laine
29 Aug 2020; 00:34 UT
13976AstroSat observation of AT2019weyYash Bhargava, Varun Bhalerao & Dipankar Bhattacharya
28 Aug 2020; 13:15 UT
13975Spectroscopic identification of ASASSN-20kw = AT 2020scy as a dwarf novaKenta Taguchi, Kosuke Namekata, Soshi Okamoto, Naoto Kojiguchi, Keisuke Isogai, Hiroyuki Maehara
28 Aug 2020; 02:50 UT
13974Swift/XRT Detects Resuscitation of GRS 1915+105Mark Reynolds, Jon Miller, Mayura Balakrishnan
27 Aug 2020; 15:51 UT
13973Near-IR spectroscopic follow-up of PGIR20emh/AT2020rjfS. Tinyanont, S. Jha, C. Ashall, Y. Camacho-Neves, K. G. Dettman, L. Kwok, T. Barna, J. Hinkle
26 Aug 2020; 22:21 UT
13972Correction to ATel #13971: Spectroscopic and photometric identification of ASASSN-20kv = AT 2020saz as a dwarf nova.Kenta Taguchi, Keisuke Isogai
26 Aug 2020; 21:59 UT
13971Spectroscopic and photometric identification of ASASSN-20kv = AT 2020saz as a dwarf nova.Kenta Taguchi, Naoto Kojiguchi, Yusuke Tampo, Soshi Okamoto, Kosuke Namekata, Keisuke Isogai
26 Aug 2020; 20:24 UT
13970Spectroscopic classification of AT 2020oio and SN 2020qef with MMT and BinospecG. Terreran, P. Blanchard, L. DeMarchi, D. Brethauer, R. Margutti, A. A. Miller, M. Berton, D. Matthews,...
26 Aug 2020; 18:20 UT
13969Palomar Gattini-IR discovery of a bright Galactic microlensing event PGIR20emh/AT 2020rjfV. Karambelkar, P. Mroz, K. De, J. van Roestel, M. M. Kasliwal, M. Hankins, M. Ashley, A. Babul, J. Jencson,...
26 Aug 2020; 02:36 UT
13968Strong detection of OH 18-cm emission from Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) Allison Smith, PK Manoharan, Anna McGilvray, Benetge Perera, Anish Roshi, Sravani Vaddi
25 Aug 2020; 21:29 UT
13967Carbon Monoxide Emission in Nova Cassiopeiae 2020 (TCP J00114297+6611190)Ray W. Russell, Michael L. Sitko, Richard J. Rudy, M. Fujii, A. Arai, H. Kawakita
25 Aug 2020; 03:50 UT
13966Detection of Radio Pulsations from Swift J1818.0-1607 Simultaneously at 8.3 and 31.9 GHz with the Deep Space NetworkAaron B. Pearlman, Walid A. Majid, Thomas A. Prince, Charles J. Naudet, Karishma Bansal, Shinji Horiuchi...
24 Aug 2020; 18:41 UT