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Photometry and brightening of Galactic transient ASASSN-18fv

ATel #11457; M. J. I. Brown, J. Upjohn, E. Rol, A. Obradovic, D. K. Galloway, K. Ackley, J. Davies, C. Lane, S. Olofsson, N. Reader (Monash University)
on 21 Mar 2018; 16:24 UT
Credential Certification: Michael Brown (Michael.Brown@monash.edu)

Subjects: Optical, Nova

Referred to by ATel #: 11468, 11504

We report follow-up B and V photometry of Galactic transient ASASSN-18fv (Stanek et al. ATEL #11454). The photometry was taken with the 14-inch telescope at Hutton-Westfold Observatory, located at Monash University's Clayton campus. Adopting B=6.249 and V=5.088 for nearby star HD 92063 and using 20-arcsecond diameter aperture photometry, we find ASASSN-18fv had magnitudes of B=7.19 and V=6.62 at UT 2018-3-21.47. Our photometry is considerably brighter than the discovery photometry of Stanek et al. (ATEL 11454), who noted their photometry was potentially compromised by saturation and confusion. Additional UBVRI images and low resolution slitless spectroscopy (with a 200 line/mm diffraction grating) are being obtained with the Hutton-Westfold Observatory's 11-inch and 14-inch telescopes.