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IGR J17394-4638: a new X-ray transient detected by INTEGRAL

ATel #1048; M. D. Caballero-Garcia (LAEFF/INTA), J. M. Miller (Univ. Michigan), E. Kuulkers (ESA/ESAC), M. Diaz Trigo (ESA/ESAC)
on 5 Apr 2007; 18:48 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice Request For Observations
Credential Certification: Jon Miller (jonmm@umich.edu)

Subjects: Radio, X-ray, Request for Observations, Binary, Black Hole, Neutron Star, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 1050

A new X-ray transient has been discovered by the X-ray monitor JEM-X aboard INTEGRAL, during the last/fifth public ToO observation of GX 339-4 conducted between UT 2007 Mar 29 04:40 and 2007 Mar 31 01:42 UTC.

The new source, IGR J17394-4638, was detected at the position RA = 264.92 DEC = -46.64, with 2 arcmin accuracy (90% of confidence). The source was clearly visible in the 150 ksec mosaic image of the observation, with an average flux of F(5-20 keV)=7.4 E-10 cgs (based on a spectrum dominated by a kT ~ 2 keV disk blackbody) and a detection significance of 25 sigma, in the 3-30 keV band. The source is not detected in the mosaic image at higher energies (ISGRI).

The only nearby optical source found in Simbad is HD 160005, at a separation of 3.7 arcmin. There is not any known X-ray source within a radius of 10 arcmin from our above quoted position.

Follow-up observations of this new transient are strongly encouraged at all wavelengths.