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ASAS-SN Optical Observations of MAXI J1807+132

ATel #10227; J. Shields, K. Z. Stanek, C. S. Kochanek, T. W.-S. Holoien, J. S. Brown, T. A. Thompson (Ohio State), B. J. Shappee (Hubble Fellow, Carnegie Observatories), J. L. Prieto (Diego Portales; MAS), D. Bersier (LJMU), Subo Dong, S. Bose, Ping Chen (KIAA-PKU), L. Chomiuk, J. Strader (MSU), J. Brimacombe (Coral Towers Observatory)
on 30 Mar 2017; 20:04 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice Transients
Credential Certification: Thomas Holoien (tholoien@astronomy.ohio-state.edu)

Subjects: Optical, Transient

Referred to by ATel #: 10245

We report V-band observations of MAXI J1807+132 (ATel #10208) from the All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN or "Assassin"). The observations span 13 days from UT 2017-03-14 through UT 2017-03-27, during which the magnitude of the transient fades from V~16.1 to V~18.1. We do not detect (V>17.7) the transient in images obtained on UT 2017-03-11 and before. Photometry of the source is summarized in the table below:

Obs. UT Date         V mag 
2017-03-11.55        >17.7 
2017-03-14.56         16.1 
2017-03-16.40         16.1 
2017-03-20.62         16.6 
2017-03-23.57         16.6 
2017-03-27.59         18.1 

We thank Las Cumbres Observatory and its staff for their continued support of ASAS-SN. ASAS-SN is funded in part by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation through grant GBMF5490 to the Ohio State University, NSF grant AST-1515927, the Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics (CCAPP) at OSU, the Chinese Academy of Sciences South America Center for Astronomy (CASSACA), and the Mt. Cuba Astronomical Foundation. For more information about the ASAS-SN project, see the ASAS-SN Homepage and the list of all ASAS-SN transients.