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A possible extreme scattering event in progress in PKS B1322-110

ATel #10024; Keith Bannister (CASS), Hayley Bignall (CASS), Simon Johnston (CASS), Cormac Reynolds (CASS), Jamie Stevens (CASS), Artem Tuntsov (Manly Astrophysics), Mark Walker (Manly Astrophysics).
on 30 Jan 2017; 06:08 UT
Credential Certification: Keith Bannister (keith.bannister@csiro.au)

Subjects: Radio, AGN, Variables

We report the ATCA discovery of an extremely variable radio source PKS B1322-110 (RA=13h25m13.220s dec=-11d17m38.00s J2000), which may be undergoing an extreme scattering event (ESE; Fiedler et al. 1987, Bannister et al. 2016). It could also be an intraday variable (Heeschen 1984; Witzel et al. 1986) with unusually large amplitude. We are currently monitoring with the ATCA. We encourage multiwavelength monitoring on a roughly 3-day cadence. A radio light curve and recent spectra can be found at the attached URL.

B1322-110 lightcurve and spectra